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Meet Our Faculty

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Marti Gibeau

Founder and Director

Marti's dance journey began with her training starting at the age 3. She received her training in San Francisco, and danced with a professional group throughout her high school experience. She began assisting her dance instructors at the age of 12.  When Marti moved to Los Altos, she began to teaching dance classes at the Eastbrook School for the PTA. After the three months of classes, the PTA parents asked if she would continue the classes. She decided to rent a room at the school and began her studio with 20 students. Marti opened Marti’s Dance Studio in September of 1974.


For the last 10 years, Marti has directed and instructed our Tiny-Toe Program. She feels that it is her duty at the studio to make all the young dancers love coming to dance classes and enjoy the art of dance. Marti enjoys to visit all the classes and observe all the students every week. She makes it a priority to get to know all of her students individually, as she believes in the importance of creating a unique relationship with each of her students.


Marti's favorite quote, which is also part of the MDS motto is that “All students are special and get a turn at the front of the stage”.

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